Building Regulations Part L is ‘The Conservation of Fuel and Power in Buildings’. It applies to construction projects that are new, extended, renovated, refurbished or a change of use.

To achieve compliance with Part L the standard approach is to follow the Guidance set out in the Governments Approved Documents, of which there are four:

The route to compliance for new buildings and extensions is through the use of the national calculation methodology (NCM) software which calculates a dwelling or Building Carbon Dioxide Emission Rate and compares it against the Target Emission Rate also calculated in the software for the same building. The relevant calculations are:

  • SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) for ADL1 and
  • SBEM ( Simplified Building Energy Mode) for ADL2

HIBEC Ltd are specialist in getting your building project through these Part L calculations as cost effectively as possible.

We have been undertaking Building Regulations Part L calculations since 2004 and have completed literally thousands of both SAP and SBEM calculations for single dwellings to whole housing estates, single offices, new industrial estates, shops, schools, hospitals , the list of completed projects is long and varied.

We understand the complexity of the Part L Approved Documents and the various criteria and rules within Part L; we also understand buildings and their services.

We know how to model buildings effectively in the SAP or SBEM and how to get the best and most cost effective compliance solutions at the first ‘as designed’ stage of Part L.

We can liaise with your design team from the initial building concept, run the appropriate calculation and discuss the initial results, making practical suggestions and helping to develop an appropriate specification tailored to the development. We can help:

  • optimise the construction elements (walls, windows etc) thermal performance  U values,  taking care to avoid over specification
  • Advise on glazing areas, glass characteristics and shading to avoid summer overheating
  • help develop the buildings services strategy including  heating and ventilation plant efficiencies, lighting wattages and control strategy, all to reduce emissions
  • Assess various renewable and low energy solutions for compliance and/or planning targets

Calculation Services

Hibec Ltd carry out the following calculation services:

Whatever the building, be it domestic or commercial, HIBEC can save you time, energy and money.

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