Dynamic simulation and thermal modelling is an important part of designing and delivering sustainable buildings.

Creating a 3D simulation model of a building enables a dynamic analysis of the building’s performance in terms of annual energy use and internal temperatures. This information helps architects and building service engineers to make design decisions in order to achieve an effective sustainable development, both in terms of the environmental impact and cost involved.

HIBEC Ltd undertakes Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) using both IES and TAS accredited software.

Using DSM we model your building in three dimensions on an hourly basis using real weather and solar data, we can analyse your buildings thermal and air quality performance.

This simulation can be used for:

  • ADL2A SBEM calculation
  • Thermal Modelling for overheat analysis, BREEAM and BB101
  • Natural ventilation performance and strategies
  • Carbon Dioxide levels room by room
  • Building heating and cooling loads
  • Daylight calculations
  • Level 5 EPC’s

DSM allows adjacent or surrounding buildings and objects to be included on the model, so the true solar gains and overheating of the building are calculated, which can be a distinct advantage when ADL2A criterion 3 summer solar overheating is an issue, because the standard SBEM methodology does not have this flexibility.

Architects and developers are increasingly undertaking a holistic approach to building design, using DSM at the earliest stages of a project to ensure their designs will not only pass regulatory requirements but the building performance is optimised to the clients requirements from the start, with expensive redesigns at a later date are avoided.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) on large (£5million+) public funded buildings takes this approach, so if you are involved in this type of project and need DSM assistance, we can help.

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By modelling your building using DSM, HIBEC will save you time, energy and money.

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