• HIBEC Ltd - Complete Part L and Energy Performance Certification

    HIBEC Ltd are specialist in getting your building project through Part L calculations and Energy Performance Certifications as cost effectively as possible.

  • Sustainability Assessments

    Hibec Ltd can provide the sustainability assessments you need for your development.

  • Energy Performance Certificates

    Hibec Ltd are energy performance consultants and provide EPC’s and DEC’s. Click for more information.

  • Dynamic Simulation and Thermal Modelling

    Hibec Ltd undertakes Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) - contact us for more information.

  • We can calculate construction Thermal Bridging and U values

    A few pounds spent on calculating the U value or thermal bridges could save you a lot of money.

  • Testing and Inspection Services

    Hibec Ltd offer a range of site testing and inspection services compatible with Building Regulations Part L and EU Energy Performance of Building Directive requirements.

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HIBEC Ltd - Complete Part L, Sustainability and Energy Certification Service

HIBEC Ltd provides practical assistance to help you comply with Building Regulations Part L, provides Energy Performance Certificates and offers a sustainability accreditation service.

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HIBEC Ltd are independent Building Energy Certification specialists providing the construction industry with a coordinated approach to Building Regulation Approved Document Part L compliance, Energy Performance Certificates and Sustainability.

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